Monday, August 11, 2008

Kroger Brand Cereals

A kid never falls for this marketing trick. What does Kroger think they are doing trying to insult the intelligence of a four year old. As I walked down the cereal aisle I watched as my girl looked for her favorite cereal (favorite cereal as defined by a kid means cereal box with the best free prize). My four-year old pointed at the Lucky Charms so I grabbed the Kroger Marshmallow Treasures and by doing so received a disheartened look. What was I doing? I suddenly remembered all of the times when I would tell my Mom to buy me the Cap' N Crunch and the feeling of disappointment when I looked in the paper bag to see King Vitamin staring back at me. Dave always got the name-brand with the prize though; always the best prize too.
My daughter looked at me like I was her hero again when I put the Marshmallow Treasures back (on the wrong shelf of course) and put the Lucky Charms in the cart. Daddy and Lucky the Leprechaun save the day!

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jacob wolfe said...

you are very right..and your daughter obviously has good taste. what about cereal that comes in a bag and not a box? ive never had it and dont plan on it, it seems that the companies who make them try so hard to be like their competitors.. maybe you should post a blog about plastic bags.
Brandon Spencer